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Day 4: Sunday 1st January

Port Germein

sunny 42 °C

Happy New Year!

It was already hot when we woke this morning. We started the day by walking along the jetty intending to go for a swim. The jetty has three sets of stairs along its length approximately 500 metres apart that lead down into the water, or onto the sand if the tide is out. The beach is very shallow and when the tide is out the water’s edge is nearly at the end of the jetty. When we went out there last night the water was really warm. We used the second set of stairs which took us into (freezing!) knee deep water then we waded along to the next set of stairs by which time the water was chest deep. Blue swimmer crabs are common and Glenn nearly steped on one. Lucky the water was so beautifully clear and he saw it in time. After a swim we waded all the way back to the first set of stairs as the tide was coming in. Dad had mentioned we might see some strange machines on the beach, and as we walked in we saw one. The odd looking contraption was towing a boat over the shallow water to where it was deep enough to motor away.

Odd contraption

When we arrived last night the general store was closed so we didn’t have any supplies for breakfast. Once we had eaten we sat in the shade, and went for a couple of short walks, but you really can’t do much in the heat.

We had lunch at the pub where it was wonderfully cool. The afternoon consisted of trying to stay cool. A nap in the tent was incredibly hot – but the cold shower afterwards was great!

We had dinner at the pub – again! (there were some people there who hadn’t left at all between lunch and dinner.)

We had hired some crabbing gear and after dinner as it cooled off a little we went out to the end of the jetty and tried our hand at crabbing.

Crabbing gear

We caught lots of blue swimmer crabs. Most were undersized so we threw them back but we did keep three.

Crab ring in the water

Blue swimmer crab

Feisty crab

We saw another beautiful sunset as we walked back along the jetty.
Back at camp we cooked our crabs up for supper


Eating our crabs

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Day 3: Saturday 31st December - New Year's Eve

Adelaide - Port Germein

sunny 38 °C

When we left Dad’s place at 10:30am it was already 37 degrees. We rode up through the expansive wheat fields in the Clare region. Everything was very dry, I felt sorry for the sheep in paddocks with little or no shade.

We stopped at Clare for an early lunch then at Gladstone for an ice cream. There was no one to be seen; the little towns we rode through seemed deserted. Everyone was holed up in their air conditioned houses we guessed – not many idiots like us on the road!

We coped quite well with the heat which hovered around 38 degrees. The bikes performed well except for a mystery warning light that flashed on intermittently on my dashboard. Slightly unsettling as I wouldn’t want to have to stop in the middle of nowhere in this heat.

We rode through Wirrabara then turned off towards the coast just before Murray Town. This proved to be a fantastic road first through undulating farmland including a huge field of sunflowers, then about 10km of fabulous tight twisty road down to Port Germein.


We set up our tent for the first time. Then we had a counter meal at the local pub.


After dinner we walked out along the jetty. Port Germein has the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere at about 1650 metres long. It took ages to walk to the end.


We watched a gorgeous sunset while enjoying a drink.


There were quite a few people crabbing from the jetty – something we might have a go at tomorrow.

We sat in our chairs outside the tent to see the new year in. It was still very warm. We have decided to stay here for an extra day as the temperature is forecast to be 41 in Port Augusta and 44 in Wudinna tomorrow before a cooler change comes through.

Today’s distance: 273km

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Day 2: Friday 30th December

Melbourne - Adelaide

sunny 36 °C

Apparently it was a rather rough trip across Bass Strait, Glenn woke to the boat rolling and lifting up and crashing down over the waves and he felt like it was going to roll right over. As I am prone to getting seasick in the bath I had taken a tablet when I first boarded and so slept through it all (thank you Travelcalm! )

We disembarked in Melbourne to grey skies and low cloud which persisted until Ballarat. The temperature dropped to 14 degrees and we were both shivering. Neither of us have much warm gear as we are expecting a fairly hot trip. After Ballarat the skies cleared and the temperature steadily rose until it was 36 degrees!

In all our gear in the heat...

We stopped frequently to drink, eat or refuel the bikes. We didn’t stop to look at anything as we were keen to make Adelaide by dinner time, so our observations were made from the road. Wind farms and wheat stores, foxes evident from the road kill, and Glenn’s impression of Horsham: “a big little town.”

Mostly we were absorbed by coping with the heat – staying alert and focused was quite hard.
Thankfully we have an intercom so we can talk to each other and point things out or comment on something we see. We had a long break at Tailem Bend before riding into Adelaide at around 6:00pm. We stayed with my Dad, just out of the city, who cooked us a wonderful roast dinner.

Glenn, me and Dad

Today’s distance: 725km

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Day 1: Thursday 29th December

Hobart - Devonport

rain 23 °C

After a fairly relaxed morning of sorting and packing we managed to get all our gear on to the bikes – even the table and chairs (I kid you not!)
We said goodbye to our children and Chester (my cat) and left Hobart at about 2:00pm.

The bikes packed with all our gear!

Our Tassie Tiger mascot

We rode to Campbell Town where we stopped for coffee. The weather was cloudy with a bit of sun until just after Campbell Town when it began to rain. This gave us the opportunity to test out our rain gear at least! We were pleased that everything stayed dry. The rain cleared before Devonport. We had a long wait in the queue as the Spirit of Tasmania’s day sailing only arrived as we got there. Once on board and settled in our room we sat back, Glenn with a beer and me with a glass of wine and watched the ferry sail out of Devonport.

Today’s distance: 278km

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Thursday 22nd December

One week to go.

sunny 23 °C

Only 7 days to departure now. This will be my ninth motorcycle road trip and Glenn’s second. Neither of us have been to Western Australia before. We will be travelling for 30 days, spending most of our time in the South West of WA. Being summer we are expecting it to be HOT.

The Bikes!

The Bikes

The Bikes

Glenn’s: Kawasaki Vulcan 900 (left)
Jo’s: Moto Guzzi Griso 1100 (right)

Both bikes have been serviced, fitted with new tyres and made ready for a 10,000km journey.

The Gear!

The gear

The gear

We are planning to camp most of the time which has necessitated having quite a lot of gear. We have a new tent – big enough to stand up in, and accommodate all of our gear.

Somehow all of this has to be packed onto The Bikes.

The Route!

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