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Day 19: Monday 16th January


sunny 29 °C

16/1 Monday day 19
This morning we rode with Suzie to Mandurah where we had breakfast at the marina. We walked around the shops and explored the waterfront area.

Nemo in the aquarium inside Cicerellos

We cruised around looking at the big mansions on the Canals. Nearly all of them had moorings out the front.

Mansions on the canals

We rode around to where we could look out on the Indian Ocean. Suzie has been wonderful showing us many of the places around this area.

Glenn, Jo & Suzie

After we had farewelled Suzie for now, we rode to South Fremantle choosing the closest roads to the coast. We rode out to the end of one of the piers to see all the boats. There are so many, and in several places they were stored stacked in multi level storage systems. We had planned to ride through and explore South Fremantle but we spotted the Little Creatures Brewery which we'd been told to visit and that was it. We were there for the rest of the afternoon! We sampled a tasting tray of their beers and cider then had pizza (a rather late lunch) with our favourites. We finally left to make our way to Teena's place where we are staying for the next few days.
It was slow traffic for a while on the freeway, but we did have some great views of the city and the rivers. The train stations are situated in the centre of the freeway. Each one has a different design and they are quite interesting.

Today's distance: 142km

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Day 18: Sunday 15th January


sunny 36 °C

Today we went for a ride with the Moto Guzzi owners group of WA. This was a rare opportunity for me as Tassie does not have a Moto Guzzi club. We left Suzie's place at 8:30am to gather at the meeting point. There were 20 bikes gathered here, 16 of them Guzzis.

At the meeting place for the Guzzi ride

Moto Guzzi California

Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro

Moto Guzzi California

Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000

We had a fantastic ride, through lovely winding roads to Mundaring Weir. This is the site of the Golden Pipeline, where water was first pumped uphill some 500km, to the goldfields of Coolgardie. The Mundaring Weir Hotel is also the place where David Helfgott keeps his piano. He still performs concerts there.

The Mundaring Weir Hotel

If only we'd been here a month later...

We rode out to York, a small historic town, for lunch.


The return ride was through Beverley and Westdale Rd back to the home of Simon, the group’s co-ordinater. There he has a Guzzi bar where we had a couple of drinks and talked about things Guzzi.


On the ride home we detoured and Suzie took us to Jarrahdale, an historic timber town. Then up to the Serpentine Dam and across the wall of the dam.

Serpentine Dam

Across the other side we went into Serpentine falls. The gate was closed so we walked in and looked at the falls.


There is a swimming hole at the base of the falls.
By now it was getting dark! Riding home in the dark was rather exciting. We didn't think to pack our clear visors when we left at 8:30 in the morning.

Today's distance: 418km

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Day 17: Saturday 14th January


semi-overcast 34 °C

This morning Teena came down to Port Kennedy to meet us. Suzie had to work today so Teena , Glenn and I went riding. We rode through Dwellingup to a place called Quindanning. There we had lunch at "Ye Olde Quinndanning Inne".


Set in beautiful grounds, it is a popular place for riders, particularly on the weekends.


We completed a loop back to Dwellingup and stopped once more for a drink in another lovely spot, at Ravenswood on the bank of the Murray River.

The roads are very different from those in Tassie. Mostly they're rather straight! "Corners" rarely require a speed below 90kmh. I saw a sign for 2km of winding roads and got ready to crank it over. The next thing I knew the road had straightened out again and I was left wondering where the bends were?

Today's distance: 270km

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Day 16: Friday 13th January

Busselton - Perth

sunny 37 °C

After leaving Busselton this morning we stopped in Bunbury. We wanted to go for a swim at one of the beautiful beaches before it got too hot. We went to Dolphin Discovery hoping to swim with the dolphins. We spent about 2 hours on the beach and had a good dose of sun. Unfortunately we had to leave disappointed - no dolphins today… We had lunch at a nice cafe in Bunbury where we sat in the window, so we still felt like we were outside but had the air-conditioning cooling us down. Then we walked around town explored a few of the shops.

It was very hot on the road and we had to stop once to cool off. We took the coast roads, until I missed a turn and we ended up on the freeway into Perth!

Tonight we are staying with Suzie in Port Kennedy. After we’d arrived and cooled off a little we went for drive (it felt very strange being in a car!) along the coast up as far as Kwinana Beach. We saw Point Peron, Penguin Island and Garden Island where the naval base is.

Point Peron

Driving into Point Peron, in the middle of nowhere, we came across a man practising his bagpipes. We could only surmise that his wife had sent him as far away as possible to practice!!

Back at Suzie's we had dinner and a few people dropped in making it a very social evening.

Today's distance: 188km

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Day 15: Thursday 12th January


sunny 34 °C

While doing some maintenance this morning Glenn discovered his clutch cable was hanging on by just a couple of threads… Not sure how long it would last we started making enquiries in Busselton, then Bunbury, then Perth. No one in the West seemed to have one in stock and we were not sure how long it would hold on. With a weekend of riding planned Glenn was facing the prospect of having to be my pillion.

We visited a member of the Moto Guzzi owners club of WA in Busselton; Bob, known as “Bob the Plumber!”
We chatted about bike stuff and admired Bob’s Guzzi’s.

2003 Moto Guzzi California EV

1982 Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans undergoing restoration!

On the way back we chanced a drop in at the local Kawasaki dealer hoping a repair or a temporary fix of Glenn’s clutch cable might be possible. It wasn’t. When we explained our situation to Brad, the owner, he disappeared for a while then came back with 2 options: have it fixed in Perth on Monday, or he just happened to have a brand new Kawasaki Vulcan out the front and he could take the clutch cable off that and put it on Glenn’s bike. We chose the latter without a second thought, and to our absolute delight they dropped everything and did it then and there. So a big plug and thumbs up for Down South Kawasaki in Busselton. Thank you!

We spent the afternoon at the beach, eating fish and chips for lunch, and sitting in the shade out of the heat. We have seen so many beautiful beaches in this area. We had a paddle and walked along the beach, and watched the train coming and going on the jetty.

Busselton Jetty

We were booked on the train at 4pm and it was great to be taken to the end of the jetty rather than walking the nearly 2km in the heat.


At the end is the observatory where you descend below the water and can view the jetty from below. It was teeming with life. Fish and corals and sponges of many colours. We had a quick guided tour then we were free to wander around viewing from the various windows.

Under Busselton Jetty

Cormorants - one pole each!

Then it was back onto the train and back along the jetty to the beach.

We had a quiet evening at camp, washing, cooking on our camp stove, relaxing.Weather 34 sunny

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